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Lexite - Innovation from Hunter Paine Enterprises
Hunter Paine Enterprises, LLC is a privately owned materials technology company focused on developing durable, cost effective, patent protected technologies used as replacements for wood in commercial and industrial applications, initially in the pallet market. Lexite™, the first structural wood replacement composite available from the company is stronger, smarter, cleaner and more durable than wood.
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Lexite™ pallet
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Filling of Lexite™ lead edge board
Lexite™ lead edge boards are built to provide the durability, reliability and lasting performance that pallet manufacturing and repair operations need to extend the life of their existing pallets and to improve the performance of their new pallets.
Lexite™ pallet
With superior performance in tests conducted by both Defense Ammunition Center and Virginia Polytech, Lexite™ pallets are the ultimate shipping and logistics platform for high value closed loop pallet pools. Lexite™ is also ideal for clean room and food grade applications and can be made in custom sizes to accommodate bulky and awkward goods.
Lexite™ RFID tags
As an ideal RFID carrier, Lexite™ can be embedded with virtually any RFID tag. The tags are completely encased in Lexite™ which prevents accidental damage and tampering and still provides complete readability for accurate tracking and data integration from a significant distance.
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